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The Oregon Country Fair Community Portrait Project

(2014 images coming this Thanksgiving)

The Oregon Country Fair is an event that creates experiences that nourish the spirit, explore living artfully and authentically on earth. It transforms culture in a magical, joyous and healthy way. The Oregon Country Fair is an annual three-day festival offering the finest in entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable food and the sharing of information. Started in 1969 as a benefit for an alternative school, the OCF has a rich and varied history of alternative arts, performance, educational opportunities, philanthropy and stewardship of the land. Although the fair itself is only three days long, the OCF proudly stewards the fairground land all year round. It practices "above all, reverence for the land." The Oregon Country Fair creates a world unlike any other in a magical wooded setting embracing the meandering banks of the Long Tom River. To learn more about Oregon Country Fair, visit .

A significant collection of artifacts and documented history have been produced over the last 43 years at the Oregon Country Fair. The Fair is now officially undertaking the task of preserving, collecting and protecting it's amazing historical record through an official archive. As part of the inauguration for this new archive, photographer Erin Dougherty Williams endeavored to capture the spirit of the Fair through a collective portrait . Fairgoers who wanted to participate in this project volunteered to have their portraits taken. This book highlights a collection of portraits from OCF 2012. The series provides a means not only to explore individual and collective identities but also to share them with others. Thanks to everyone for being part of the of the magic!


Click here to Preview or Purchase the 100 page coffee table book (all 2012 participants are included). 2013 participants may be included in a larger book being produced over the next few years.


Are you here just to take a quick peek? Start by viewing the album titled "A Taste of the Project" below.


Are you here to find your picture? Start by clicking on the year you participated and follow the instructions on that page. 2013 files will be up by Thanksgiving 2013.


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A Taste of the Project

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A Taste of the Project